Fixed-Wing & Rotorcraft (Airplane & Helicopter) Aerial Photography

15-05-02 May Drill 0036-web© 2015 Desert View Aerial PhotographyTraditional aerial photography is photography taken from an airplane or helicopter. Photography from an airplane is often called “fixed-wing aerial photography” and photography from a helicopter is often called “rotorcraft aerial photography”. Historically, aerial photography was taken from hot air balloons, but as technology evolved these were replaced with modern air vehicles.

Desert View Aerial Photography is one of the few photography services that offers actual aerial photography from an airplane or helicopter. The most common uses for this photography is construction progress documentation and commercial real estate, although there are many other applications, such as for city planning, marketing, legal and insurance purposes.

There are two different views for aerial photography, oblique and vertical, which are described in further detail below.

Vertical and Oblique Aerial Photography Services – Phoenix Aerial Photography

Desert View Aerial Photography is the leading Phoenix aerial photography service provider, specializing in multi-perspective oblique imagery and vertical photographs. As a leader in vertical and oblique aerial photography, Desert View Aerial Photography can assist any client – in any industry – who is seeking to increase its brand visibility and authority in Arizona by incorporating aerial photography into its business development processes and marketing strategies.

Aerial photographs serve as an incomparable visual tool for urban planning, land management and construction progress documentation. Vertical and oblique aerial photography offer an improved vantage point, allowing a better command of view of land features not visible through ground-level photographs. The wider area viewing and elevated positioning improves real property analysis for land disputes and/or mapping. Our custom aerial photographs allow our clients to capture the perfect perspective to promote, analyze and track business construction projects, real estate developments, corporate events and much more.

Here are a few more examples of how Desert View Aerial Photography can use high-resolution vertical and oblique aerial photography to help maximize your marketing investment. Click (+) to view application examples.

Construction Progress Tracking
Real Estate Photography
Engineering and Urban Planning

Monitoring and Surveillance
Legal and Insurance

Click here to view a comparison between an oblique and vertical aerial photograph

Our precise imagery and reliable acquisition will help give you an edge over the competition. Contact Desert View Aerial Photography to find the most cost-effective solution to your unique needs.

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Oblique Aerial Photography

Oblique aerial photographs are taken at an angle to the subject rather than directly overhead, allowing for viewing objects in multiple dimensions. Oblique aerial photos have many visual advantages and serve a variety of purposes, including highlighting the appearance and front vertical aspect of a subject; accentuating structural angles; identifying open areas and surrounding land; emphasizing a subject’s height and elevation.

Vertical Aerial Photography

Vertical aerial photos are taken directly over a subject aiming straight down with the camera lens perpendicular to the ground just like viewing a map. Vertical aerial photographs are best suited for projects needing precision mapping and uniform scale. Vertical aerials provide the best angle for viewing the distance between objects, displaying open and surrounding land areas, and showing street views and object visibility. Vertical aerial photos are an excellent map substitute and provide a good natural view.

Other Available Photographic Services:

Architectural Ground-Based Photography Corporate Business Photography

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