The Rapid Evolution of Aerial Photography

Aerial photography has evolved from mapping to assist in early military planning to an established investment option for a multitude of industries, including the commercial real estate industry and construction sector. Broader awareness of the benefits of aerial photography, especially with regards to land use and land cover analyses has […]

Weather and Time Impact Aerial Photography

Like event booking, coordinating an aerial photo shoot can be very stressful if you’re not properly prepared. Often times, weather and time of day can really spoil your chances at a great photographic opportunity. The following guidelines cover the best possible time for booking your next aerial photo shoots to […]

Aerial Golden Hour Photography

Of all the elements that make up a great photograph, lighting is probably the most important. Especially in aerial photography. Great subject matter and composition are certainly necessary also, but if the lighting is not right, the shot won’t be perfect. Quality of light is the key to making a […]

The Golden Hour of Photography

A great photo like any art will tug emphatically at your heartstrings. The use of light in photography has a profound effect on how your subject and overall scene will resonate with people. Really good photographers understand how to manipulate the direction and quality of natural light to help inject […]

Best Photo Editing Apps for On-the-Go Photographers

Shooting with a DSLR (digital single-lens reflex) camera can be difficult, frustrating and time consuming for casual photographers. Given the size and weight of DSLRs and their lenses it can be difficult lugging the camera around, especially for amateur photographers who want to take photos of things like an impromptu […]

Learn How To Capture Action Photographs

Capturing great photographs in fast moving environments can be a difficult task. However, here are nine simple steps provided by Desert View Aerial Photography to ensure you are prepared to capture those great action photos on this year’s summer vacation. Practice these nine steps and hone your skills as a […]

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