Aerial Photography Delivers a Sense of Community

One of the top challenges of selling houses is to communicate to the customer what their prospective house and community will be like to live in– sometimes before either exists. The housing development sector’s long-time solution to this is to construct model homes, tiny model neighborhoods, and to give statistical […]

Expert insights to better branding for construction companies

The following Q&A covers how to build a winning brand strategy in the construction sector. The provided responses were taken from brand strategist and founder of Red Shoes Marketing Group Kim Gauthier. Kim specializes in brand marketing for small- and medium-sized businesses. She has more than 20 years’ experience serving […]

The Rapid Evolution of Aerial Photography

Aerial photography has evolved from mapping to assist in early military planning to an established investment option for a multitude of industries, including the commercial real estate industry and construction sector. Broader awareness of the benefits of aerial photography, especially with regards to land use and land cover analyses has […]

Weather and Time Impact Aerial Photography

Like event booking, coordinating an aerial photo shoot can be very stressful if you’re not properly prepared. Often times, weather and time of day can really spoil your chances at a great photographic opportunity. The following guidelines cover the best possible time for booking your next aerial photo shoots to […]

Aerial Photography Used In Marketing

Capturing a prospective client or customer’s attention is the first and most difficult challenge in visual marketing strategies. The use of aerial photography in marketing is one of the most unique visual approaches available to creative marketing professionals today. With the current advances in digital photographic imagery and drone aeronautics, […]

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