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Desert View Aerial Photography is Arizona’s trusted and reliable source for on-demand aerial photography and commercial photo services. We are a full-service commercial aerial photography company, providing oblique and vertical aerial photography services, as well as ground architecture photos.

Husband and wife team, Brett Eklund [Arizona pilot] and Sherry Eklund [Arizona aerial photographer] are dedicated to helping businesses elevate their marketing strategies, maximize business performance and minimize capital investment by providing high-quality digital visuals of their projects from groundbreaking to completion.

At Desert View Aerial Photography, we take pride in our ability to combine different visual styles from different altitudes to create stunning, high-dynamic aerial photos that maximize your marketing investment and visual communications.

We are Arizona’s premiere aerial photography business, specializing in construction monitoring and progress documentation. With more than 30 years experience in Arizona’s construction market, we understand the value that accurate and timely aerial photography brings to your business and marketing capabilities. We combine compelling visual beauty with strategic know-how to deliver precisely-composed visual explanations of your project. Our custom vertical and oblique aerial photographs and ground-based architectural images provide an ultra-wide field of view for tracking, analyzing and promoting projects. We fly dedicated flights and consistently deliver on-time, so you meet your deadlines.

As members of the Professional Aerial Photographers Association and numerous construction associations, we have worked with some of the largest and best-known contractors in the Phoenix-metropolitan area to capture the perfect perspective for tracking construction progress, showcasing real estate developments, conducting site analysis and viewing land development feasibility.

We capture photos from fixed-wing aircraft to provide expansive project overviews taken from multiple angles, as well as helicopters to reveal the finest details of complex structures and land developments. Our precise imagery and reliable acquisition will help give you an edge over the competition.

Desert View Aerial Photography is committed to helping companies enhance their marketing investments. As a service to our clients, we also provide commercial photography and corporate business portraits, making Desert View Aerial Photography an all-in-one service provider for all your core business photography essentials.

Contact Desert View Aerial Photography for more information on how we can serve your marketing and project needs.

Why Choose Desert View Aerial Photography
  • More than 30 years of commercial construction experience
  • No minimum flight time for aerial photography flights
  • No restrictive flight schedule
  • Guaranteed on-time results
  • Service in the Phoenix metro area and throughout Arizona
  • High-resolution digital aerial photos
  • Outstanding personalized customer service
What Are Desert View Aerial Photography’s Core Values
Desert View Aerial Photography believes in the following core values to help make each of our clients’ projects effective and profitable:

  • Collaboration – We thrive on the relationships we create and the lasting business partnerships we build
  • Commitment – We place a strong importance on creativity and innovation to help our customers grow and advance in their industry
  • Passion – We put our hearts into our work because we care intensely about the success of our clients
  • Quality – We deliver dramatic, high-impact digital photographs, ensuring our clients have a competitive advantage in the industry
  • Service Excellence – We aim to capture high-definition aerial photographs that provide a fresh perspective, while meeting deadlines punctually
Desert View Aerial Photography Services:
Aerial Photography Architectural Ground-Based Photography Corporate Business Photography

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