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Aerial Photography for Civil Engineering Projects

Written by Desert View Aerial Photography on August 10th, 2010

Aerial Photography for Civil Engineering Projects

As civil engineers develop and sustain a variety of infrastructures, they work with large amounts of detailed data gathered from various sources.  Civil engineering encompasses a wide range of expertise and areas of interest, and data from different areas all needs to be managed and analyzed effectively.

Aerial photography provides a means of capturing important data required for civil engineering projects.  Aerial photographs have a unique, comprehensive perspective that is difficult to obtain by any other means.  They also provide a quick and accurate method of providing vital information to assess the feasibility of a potential project or the progress of an existing project, whether it is a power plant, bridge, airstrip, large construction facility or any civil engineering undertaking.

Oblique aerial photos provide documentation for site selection and evaluation, as well as resource mapping, geological information and a visual identification of various conditions that may affect a civil engineering project.

Civil engineering projects require thorough, expert planning and continued monitoring in order to stand the test of time. Quality aerial photography provides an effective tool in the planning, building and ongoing inspections of civil engineering projects.  They can provide detail that may not be available from other types of inspections, and may help pinpoint potential problem areas as time and the elements take their toll on construction.

Desert View Aerial Photography of Phoenix, Arizona works with civil engineers to obtain a thorough understanding of the detail and documentation required, and provides accurate digital aerial photography quickly and economically.

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Benefits of Oblique Aerial Photography

Written by Desert View Aerial Photography on August 5th, 2010

The Benefits of Oblique Aerial Photography

Aerial Photography has a variety of applications in today’s world. Aerial photos are a valuable tool in land development feasibility analysis, site analysis and project planning. They provide clear and thorough documentation for construction progress and defect reports, and can be very helpful for construction bonding and insurance purposes. Aerial photography can also form the backbone of project promotional and advertising campaigns, providing impressive, detailed views of the entire project.

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